Roots Music - was incorporated with a mission to unearth the rich heritage of Sanskrit literature and scriptures and integrate it with classical music, thereby bringing a synthesis between Sanskrit rendition & classical music in all its varied forms.

It is the endeavor of Roots Music to bring out the best of ancient knowledge in Sanskrit, and to promote the research and development of Indian studies in the field of arts, culture, philosophy, dance and music.

Further, Roots Music will publish well researched works on integration of science and spirituality with its practical applicability to everyday life such as yoga & meditation.

M/s, Roots Music was founded in Bangalore, India by K.N. Pratap Kumar in October, 2004, an entrepreneur in automobile industry for the past fifteen years with varied interests in philosophy and meditation.

The Project History & Profile

Roots Music conceptualized the project “NADA YOGA” to unearth the essence of the ancient scriptures and philosophies of India and present it in the form of classical music to the audience around the world.

This maiden  project of Roots Music was conceived in September 2004 with the
Divine Blessings of ‘His Holiness’ Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Sringeri Sharada Peetham, Sringeri, Karnataka, India.

The entire collection of musical albums was researched from ‘Sri-Tattva-Nidhi’, ‘Mudgala Purana’, ‘Ganesha Purana’, and works of ‘Sri Adi Shankara’, and from various ancient scriptures.

The project ‘NADA YOGA’ is a compilation of 55 Audio Compact Discs of which
Thirty Four individual Albums are dedicated to Lord Ganesha.  The other albums are on Goddess Durga, Lakshmi, Gayathri, Kundalini, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Navagrahas and Saptharshis’.

The highlights of the collection are the rare ‘Dhyana Shlokas’ (verses) on Twenty Nine manifestations of Lord Ganesha, and a One Thousand lettered verse on Lord Shiva as a part of ‘Shivakavacham’. The collections also include dedications to ‘Kundalini’ in the form of ‘Devi Stavanam’,  ‘Kundalini Shakti Swaroopam’ and ‘Kundalini Sahasranamam’  and various  other rare verses.

The ‘Dhyana Shlokas’ on Lord Ganesha has been rendered 108 times in Carnatic and Hindustani classical ragas.  ‘Ganesha Gita’ a collection of 414 Shlokas rendered in various ragas by eminent musicians is another unique feature of this project.

Project Highlights:

  • Over 5000 verses
  • Over 70% of the renditions have been brought to the music domain for the first time
  • The recitals are based on  Carnatic and Hindustani discipline of Indian classical music
  • Thirty six vocalists and twenty-four instrumentalists have rendered their services
  • 21 classical instruments have been used
  • 150 days of recording
  • The graphical depiction of manifestations of ‘Ganesha’ are derived from 17th century scrolls

The research, composition and production of music was carried out by a group of over One Hundred dedicated Professionals, Scholars and  Artists during September 2004 and October 2006 with cumulative effort of over 300  man months.

Prof M.A.Lakshmi Thathachar, who has been conferred with President of India’s award for outstanding scholarship and contribution to Sanskrit, guided the project to maintain the authenticity and integrity of the grammar & diction.

‘Ganakalashree’ Sri. Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma, of Sri Ayyanar College of Music, Bangalore conceived, composed and directed the music for the first repertoire.

The music was recorded during June 2005 and April 2006 at Arvind Studio, Bangalore, India, one of the oldest in the music industry with the state-of-the art digital recording equipment.

The Master Compact Discs have been glass mastered and replicated by
Sagarika Acoustronics, Navi Mumbai, India to ensure a high quality product.

Roots Music announced its maiden project ‘Nada Yoga’“A Synthesis of Sanskrit Rendition and Classical Music” to the members of the press on 28th September, 2006 at the Press Club, Bangalore, India.

His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar founder of ‘The Art of Living’ (AOL) will release the collection of 55 Audio Compact Discs on 2nd October, 2006, at ‘The Art of Living International Ashram’ in Bangalore.


‘Roots Music dedicates this unique work of art to
the music lovers of the world !!’